The lunchtime crowd at the Harvard Longwood lawn welcomed Noe Socha Wednesday afternoon and he did not disappoint. Playing a mixture of Blues, classical guitar and some interesting original material, Noe jammed on his guitar with an amount of clarity I haven’t seen in a long time.

Wednesday was a long day for me but this a nice way to kick it off. I work as an event planning assistant as well as being an intern and was working right up until load in time at the quad. After working and then running there, I got Noe and his roadies parked and geared up. Then right after the show I had a job interview in cambridge. It was all cut a little close, but it all fit like a puzzle.

Noe’s show was very interesting. His style is unique and yet is a great amalgamation of many genres. He tended to lean a lot on the blues as his go to. Leaving very little blank space in his set, he was constantly improvising, blending tunes together or simply making small interludes between songs.

Noe also brought his harmonica in addition to the two guitars. He wailed on both and had no issue switching melodies between or soloing on either. His use of effects pedals was also key to his performance. Using a loop pedal, a nice crunch pedal, both mixed the harmonica made for some terrifically full sounding songs from just one performer. Overall, I and everyone else was incredibly impressed with not just Noe’s playing, but also his obvious genuine love for being a performer. His happiness seemed directly related to how happy the crowd was and that is a wonderful connection to see from a performer. If more performers were as humble and generous in their performances, then there would true sense of peace and fulfillment in the music world.

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