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An International Vision for Music Education

By Jesus Saenz ’19

Headshot grid of musicians taking part in the Festival Musician for the World 2022I look back on my upbringing in Lima, Peru and I am met with wonderful memories of my vibrant life. My taste buds can still taste the rich dishes served to me as a child by my grandmother and my feet still beat to the Peruvian folk dances I learned long ago. I am who I am today because I am a proud Peruvian, but I am also who I am because of my decision to venture elsewhere.

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Applying a Scientific Approach to Discover Why Music Sounds the Way It Does

By Daniel Choi B.M. ’12

A studio control room with light wood panelingScience and technology have always been an integral part of the evolution of music. Many musicians in the modern age often associate the term “music technology” with sound engineering, and even sound engineering can mean varying depths of insight into the technical and scientific aspects of sound. However, science and technology in music is not limited to sound engineers using fancy audio gear to record and/or mix music, whether it be in the studio or in live environments. The influences of technology in music can also include the way instruments are designed, music is composed and arranged, and how sound is reproduced within any given environment.

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A Drumroll for Roger

President Roger H. Brown

Roger H. Brown

By Larry Simpson, Provost

After 17 years as Berklee’s President, Roger Brown is stepping down at the end of this month, which means his final day is fast upon us. I have worked alongside Roger for 16 of these years and can truly say that through Roger’s leadership, Berklee is a more dynamic place where students thrive, where new ideas come to life, and where there is a shared commitment to the value of the arts. His many achievements are summarized here. Please take a moment to share your personal thoughts, reflections, and congratulations with Roger in the comments below.

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