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Valencia Campus

Todos los caminos llevan a Valencia (tr. ‘All Roads Lead to Valencia’)

Rehan and friends in Valencia

Rehan (back, left) and friends in Valencia, Spain

By Rehan Manickam

From bustling Friday mornings at Starbucks, to unplanned jam sessions in the basement of 150, Berklee Boston was constantly delivering on its promise of being an eventful and unique Berklee experience for its undergraduate students. The state of the art facilities and resources were one of a kind and students received the best contemporary arts education in the world. How could you possibly top that?

Add an afternoon siesta to it coupled with beautiful winters, a stunning campus, performance opportunities like no other and the ability to travel all around Europe for half of what your textbooks for 4 years of college cost. That is, Berklee Valencia.

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Why I Want to Move to Spain

Eli Slavkin in ValenciaBy Eli Slavkin

It wasn’t long after setting foot in Spain for the first time in January 2017 to do my third semester in Valencia that I realized that this is the place where I belong. Being a film scoring major and being a Los Angeles native, one would think that L.A. is where I’m meant to be. The career opportunities, the ability to put my education to work in a city with an abundance of creative professionals makes it almost too obvious that I should be there. Not to mention that my family is there, and I spent eighteen years living there. But my heart is in Spain.

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Music Production, Technology and Innovation Graduate Students Take Startup to Silicon Valley

This summer, students in the Music Production, Technology and Innovation Master’s program at Berklee’s campus in Valencia graduated with a bright entrepreneurial vision in audiovisual technology — ready to make their idea a reality. But what they needed to do it was industry mentoring and networks. Matthew McIntyre, David Abrams, John Snelgrove, and Tejaswi Gorti formed startup company Between The Dimensions, an audio-visual production house creating installations that translate new scientific insight into artistic expressions that are intriguing and interactive. With support from their Berklee Valencia faculty, they joined Real Startup’s inaugural cohort of startups. The team spent the month of September 2017 immersed in Silicon Valley’s hotbed of music technology innovation, developing their products and business models with the mentorship of industry experts at leading companies such as Sennheiser, Warner Music Group, Universal Audio, iZotope and Dolby, among others.

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Three Weeks of Business Studies in Valencia

I’m writing this post in Munich, in between flights, Helsinki bound. I spent the last three weeks at the Berklee Valencia Campus during their Summer Study Abroad program. My name is Hannes Andersson, a recording engineer/songwriter/producer currently finishing my masters degree in Music Technology at the University of the Arts, Helsinki, Finland. During my studies I’ve made sure to cover every step of the way when bringing an idea out to the world as a Finnish’d record (sorry).

My studies at Valencia, which consisted of two courses in Music and Entertainment Business, focused on some later stops on this trail: the current technological landscape of the music business and entertainment law.

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Summer Study Abroad en Valencia

Estoy enormemente agradecido a Berklee College of Music por haberme ofrecido la oportunidad de participar en el programa de verano “Summer Study Abroad” en el perfil de Film Scoring.

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