Sierra Hull, Tennesee Sweatheart and Berklee Presidential Scholar, performed for the ICA crowd last thursday. While still in College, Sierra has been performing for years, having become a master on the strings years ago.

The whole show I was incredibly impressed at how professional and together Sierra kept herself. It was incredibly evident that this girl has been doing this for a long time. The show had a rough script, set list, time for pauses and time to applause. Someone wrote some jokes, however a handful were lost on the yankee crowd. I had heard of Sierra before hand and was able to check out a handful of her tunes and videos. The tunes I heard, to put it simply, had nothing on her live show.

Don’t get me wrong, her music via CD is great, but there’s a certain amount of her youthful energy that cannot be captured digitally. Her smile says it all. While she has been doing this for a long time already, she seems very content on continuing on the path. Each gentleman she plays with is a master of his instrument, if not a few others, and yet never oversteps the bounds of their place. They mesh beautifully.

Whether you are a fan of country/bluegrass or not, Sierra will have something you will enjoy. The ICA was packed, the people all quiet and ready, and Sierra did not disappoint. I wish I could say more about her, but I would not do her justice. Check out her Official Website for more info about her, her band, and where she will be performing next.

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