Summer Intern Myldred Lee shares insights from her internship search

Some advice that I would give future students would be to try for any internship, whether they feel qualified or not, because giving it a shot can pay off. Also, consult the CDC [Career Development Center] and OEL [Office of Experiential Learning] at least once a week or bi weekly, because they have many connections for intern interests and job prospects.

I now feel that I have a better grasp of how a cover letter and resume should look- both a professional and “pro specific” resume. For instance, I need a different resume if I’m applying for a retail position verses a part for a Broadway show.

In my internship search, I had an idea of location and what type of internship I wanted to do. Initially, I applied for an internship at a radio station, then the House of Blues through a friend, and my current internship at the music law offices of Valerie Lovely. Being an intern at a music law firm suited me because I’m pursuing entertainment law, of which music is a part. Coming into the program open minded will help you because the search is difficult, but at least when you get the internship you know you got it yourself, and it tailors your professional experience.

Navigating the OEL database was easy because I was taught by the staff there how to use it- which helped me a lot. At that time, I had already acquired my internship for the summer but it helped in seeing what positions were available and where, since you can do another non-credit internship even after graduating from Berklee. Those internships could lead to a possible job position!

Techniques I’ve learned to bring to an entry level job hunt include a resume that’s best fit for the position I’m applying for. Although simple, a pen and paper to take notes in an interview are essential for remembering key facts and questions.


I started out like many Berklee students, wanting to be a superstar on my instrument- but I understood that being business savvy would make me very well rounded. I became a Music Business/Management Major and I became so interested in the business side of the industry that it slightly changed my career goals- I now want to be an entertainment lawyer. I still love to sing, but it’s no longer the only factor in my career. I interned at The Music Law Office of Valerie Lovely, and it was one of the best experiences of my budding career so far. Each day that we met, she prepared me for what I will encounter in my next step after Berklee- law school. My plans are to study at UCLA in Fall 2012 and find another internship that will further my education and experience in the field of Music Business & Management.