Not sure of exactly what I was about to see, I took a drive to Kendal Square to see Kiesza perform last Thursday. It only took a minute after she started to play to know that I was about to have a great time.

Kiesza puts on a great show. This girl has seen a lot in her young life and brings it all to the stage. When I looked her up, I wasn’t sure exactly what I was getting myself into. I saw videos of her on youtube, solo with an acoustic guitar and then I also saw videos of her with rainbow wings, goggles, and a keytar playing dance music. Once the mild confusion passed, I could only assume that we have our own berklee Gaga being born as we speak.

The show was great. First, Kiesza and her band played. The set was a mix of pop covers from Katy Perry to M.J., with a few twists on a handful of songs, whether it was changing styles or rhythms. Her three bandmates were great; solid playing and obvious enthusiasm. Unfortunately, with the closing of Berklee’s 5-week program, her drummer had to leave the show early for a prior concert engagement. The rest of the show was based right off of Kiesza’s acoustic guitar.

Her acoustic set was filled with fun and heartfelt tunes. You could tell that although she may be leaning away from this style of playing, it truly emanates from her soul. I’m actually pretty excited to compare the two different styles she has to offer. Although The Machine on Boylston St. hasn’t exactly been my go to destination, I may take a stroll over there as Kiesza apparently has a small residency there once a month. Plan to see more of this girl, rainbow wings an all, at your nearest dance club.

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