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PULSE Music Method

Women in Leadership Panel Discussion

Women Cover Shot

Last Tuesday September 10, Chris Connors from the Office for Diversity and Inclusion and Human Resources facilitated a Women in Leadership Panel Discussion  at The Loft at Berklee College of Music. The panel brought together three of Berklee’s most prominent leaders, Debbie Cavalier, VP of Online Learning and Continuing Education, Cindy Link, SVP for Institutional Advancement, and Dr. Krystal Banfield, Dean for City Music. The objective of the discussion was to ask the questions “how did you get to where you are in your career?” “how did you overcome obstacles?” and “how can women attain more leadership positions?” 

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New and Improved Search Tools On PULSE

Over the past year, we’ve released a ton of great new content on PULSE! The list includes launching four brand new units, adding new materials to the existing units, and even the redesign of certain sections of the site. We’ve also posted new videos, interactive tools and games, and great new tunes to learn. In addition to the new content and redesigns, we recently revamped the Index and created a new resource for teachers. These search tools were developed to help our users find exactly what they’re looking for.















To start, we upgraded the PULSE Index with new features and a sharp new interface. You can now search for terms and filter the results by media type, room, or categories. It is easier than ever to find materials to support the topic you are teaching or songs to build connections to the classroom.















Next, we decided to create a tool to help teachers refine their content search. There are so many wonderful topics and materials that it is sometimes hard to know where to start. This is where our new “Teacher Quickstart” can help.

Teachers are asked a series of quick questions about their classroom, such as if a computer is present or if students have access to computers. Then they choose the topic of the day’s lesson. The final result is a list of suggested activities that they can use right away.

This is perfect tool for a number of different scenarios. For instance, the Quickstart is great for teachers who are new to PULSE navigation, for teachers who want to make a quick change to their lesson plans, or for teachers as a tool to discover new materials on the PULSE site. Currently, there are activities for the Production, Arranging, and Improvisation Units.










We’re hoping that these tools inspire and kick-start your classrooms! We are always amazed at the creative approaches to music education exemplified by the brilliant teachers that use PULSE.

Give these tools a spin, and let us know what you think!

PULSE Technology Update: Notation Mixer version 2.0 now in the Jam Room

The following post was written by John Bigus, the Associate Director – Instructional Media of Online Learning Media. John is a Berklee graduate and holds a degree in Music Production and Engineering. He’s been leading the Notation Mixer project since its inception and gives a heartfelt thanks to Steven Estrella, as well as the many creative people who helped make the new Notation Mixer possible.

The Online Learning Media Development team is pleased to announce the launch of the new and improved PULSE Notation Mixer and Jam Room.













The Notation Mixer is a jam, practice, and teaching tool that synchronizes audio with music notation. This tool is a central feature of the Berklee PULSE Music Method, and is located in the Jam Room on the Berklee PULSE site. Not only do students get to jam with a wide variety of songs from our PULSE song library, they can loop any section for practice, or mute any audio track and be part of the band. The Notation Mixer can also be used for practicing exercises with play-a-longs, studying harmonic analysis, teaching arranging and creating your own mixes.

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Getting Started with Music Policy

The following post was written by Audrey Harrer, the Associate Creative Director of Online Learning Media. Audrey is a multimedia producer and studied composition and film scoring here at Berklee. Her work is experimental, and she is particularly interested in the space where music and drama collide.

Where are you allowed to perform music and dance? What is your music worth? How loud is too loud?

Policies are what define these things. They can be government policies, school policies, or just the rules around your house. Policies are laws, guidelines, or methods of practice that guide our principles and behaviors. In modern society, we live in a matrix of policies that define everything from our food and shelter, to our art.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit 2012 in Washington DC. It was a densely packed day of influential presenters, from Sen. Ron Weyden of Oregon to Merrill Garbus of tUnE-yArDs, discussing, sharing and debating the issues of today’s musicians. Topics explored included the Internet Radio Fairness Act, artist compensation, and online music technologies. The Future of Music Coalition focuses on “education, research and advocacy for musicians,” and it works to affect government and industry policies in a positive way on musicians’ behalf. A major sentiment that echoed throughout the Summit was that more musicians need to be involved in policy making.

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Celebrate the Season in Song!





This year we are thrilled to offer you another holiday-themed downloadable poster! ‘Tis the season for giving, why not give the gift of song? You can hang it up in your classroom, at home, in your studio; sing-alongs are great for any gathering.

This year we’ve chosen Madonna’s song “Holiday” and it’s perfect for everyone to join in on. We’ve provided you with the chords, rhythm (it’s syncopated!), and lyrics. Now it’s up to you to put together your own version. Go solo, grab a friend, put together an ensemble…it’s up to you! We also have last year’s poster and color and b&w downloads of our ‘noteflakes.’ Spread the holiday cheer!

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