It’s been 15 long years since the last time Newbury Street was closed to traffic. Last Thursday, the no parking signs were posted, the police put up their blocks and the stages, fancy cars and models poured into the street. It was an epic evening for Boston’s first Fashion Night Out.

Berklee had the prime real estate of the evening. Right on the corner of Exeter and Newbury, catty-cornering Stephanie’s patio in the middle of the street, a stage arose, lights, speakers and all. The evening started out pretty lowkey. Lots of foot traffic. People wandered about, not exactly sure of what was happening but at the same time enthused to hear live music in the middle of the street and an F1 Mclaren sitting pretty right behind.

The whole night was sponsored primarily by Herb Chambers (as seen below being interviewed). He provided the cars, paid the bill at the swanky VIP in the street section of Stephanie’s where actors and models were seated, and made sure to keep a smile all the evening. The mayor spoke at the event as well. He spoke highly of Herb and applauded everyone that helped make the night possible. Amongst the speeches, the night couldn’t be a Fashion Night without a fashion show. It just so happened that Berklee’s stage also lined the red carpet catwalk so we were able to be front and center as the model’s displayed their clothes and talents. Some, even stayed, once changed out of their expensive linens, and watched the remainder of the music.

The evening’s musical selections came from not just one, but three awesome bands. To start out, Jordan Snow came to the stage with his keyboardist and bassist accompanying him while he sang and played drums. His music had class and soul all at the same time. Everyone in the band had plenty of chops to spare and Jordan was even nice enough to lend his drums to the next band. Thank you Jordan, you saved the day!

The next two bands were Cameron Galpin Band and to finish, Tubby Love. Cameron came band and all, putting forth “creamy” sounds and very chill vibes, performing an awesome set. He was great to listen to, the backup vocals being exceptionally well done. He and Tubby both had a great connection to the crowd. Where the performances differed was in the number of people on the stage. As you can see, Cameron brought the keys, the bass, the drums, and even a second guitar for those face melting solos. Tubby however went a different route. Via loop station, Andrew (Tubby Love) brought forth his own band, beat boxing the drums, harmonizing backup vocals and and looping acoustic riffs.

Needless to say, the whole night was awesome. As this was the last show I am going to as part of my internship, it was one heck of a way to end it. I want to say thank you to all the artists, thank you for showing up, thank you for playing, and thank you for making what would have been a nice night into something to be remembered. You were all amazing.

I hope they make this night something done annually. It was amazing to see that many people flood the streets on a night other than July 4th or Red Sox Game 7. Boston needs more community on every level and it’s great to see the steps and strides that it’s taking to make it happen. Amazing job everyone, the night was a terrific success!

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