This show was awesome! While it was probably the shortest show I’ve witnessed of the series, Julia Easterlin has her performing down! She knows exactly what she wants to and when she wants to do, making it all happen in real time. The ICA crowd seemed to a have pretty similar response to mine.

Julia put on one of the coolest show I’ve seen this summer with only 6 songs performed. She had it all planned out, the band was educated and informed, her loop station was prepped and the red and blue lights only added to her whimsical dances. She really let things poor right out her. She had a way of making eye contact with the crowd that was slightly mesmerizing. At the same time, she would talk to the crowd and chime in now and again, but she was very rehearsed and everything flowed flawlessly.

Julia just came back from playing Lollapalooza. There she played with the same setup, two percussionists and a bassist and seemed to get the same response as she did at the ICA; a cry for more. Check out some videos of Julia at Lolla HERE.

So, yes, Julia did two sets, both with the same opener, Nate Reich, and both with identical tunes. What was interesting however was that one set was in dimming daylight and one was in the dark.The difference between Julia’s movement and engagement with the crowd, while not astoundingly different, was apparent between the two sets. Neither was better than the other, but each had it’s own ambience to it that made even the same songs played twice unique. I have never been happier listening to the same songs twice. So if you are into the whole, “I totally knew that chick before she got famous” thing, you may just want to say hello to Miss Julia Easterlin.

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