“It’s gone by that quickly?” my internship coordinator said with surprise. Ten weeks’ time is never long if I am challenged, especially with learning new skills or further developing ones I have already used. My internship at World Music/CRASHarts has provided me with an experience in both.

With many integrated marketing strategies incorporating social media and online campaigns, I am fortunate to be participating in executing strategy though my internship. Concepts like a relevant content stream, event listing, search engine optimization, and personal voice have all been ones I have applied at my internship. I have practiced them before through my work-study experience at The Red Room, in addition to my promotion of my band; but despite previous experience, further exploration has refined my understanding. Even the accomplishment of tasks I have already performed before is—to me—a lesson in perceived importance and popular usage.

Matters easily considered to be trivial were educational on either the level of a new experience, or reinforcing ideas I am familiar with. Working a 9 to 5 demands endurance and discipline, especially if a commute is involved. Consistently sound posture at the desk is nearly impossible. At the risk of being trite, one day per week of that schedule was straining, and though I always wanted to, I knew that finding motivation for further studying or practice afterwards would be difficult. I will have to adjust to practicing after long days, because with graduation imminent, and employment consuming much of my time in the future, my musical development will compete with winning bread.

The obvious lesson I take from my internship is that pleasure is necessary for success. Tasks that I did not enjoy presented more difficulty than ones that were fun. Monotony’s drain can be avoided with a pair of headphones and good music. Participation in something interesting will always be painless. Most importantly, I look at work with optimism, knowing that action can always result in development and growth.


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Mike LosticaMichael Lostica is attending his seventh and final semester at Berklee as a Music Business major. He interns for World Music/CRASHarts in Cambridge. The organization presents traditional and contemporary arts in Boston, as well as organizing educational programs. Michael also supervises promotions for The Red Room @ Cafe 939. After graduating, he will remain in Boston to develop and grow with Noize Tank, the band he shares with other Berklee students.

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