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Julia Easterlin

Berklee Presents Julia Easterlin at the ICA Harborwalk Sounds Concert Series

This show was awesome! While it was probably the shortest show I’ve witnessed of the series, Julia Easterlin has her performing down! She knows exactly what she wants to and when she wants to do, making it all happen in real time. The ICA crowd seemed to a have pretty similar response to mine.

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Berklee at SXSW 2011: Lucky Lounge Video

Here it is, folks – video from our 2nd annual Lucky Lounge Party, featuring Berklee student and alumni bands, and hosted by Austin alumni chapter head Sarah Sharp (shown below, with Jitterbug Vipers). More video to follow from Friends and our alumni barbeque – if you’ve got some of your own, link to it here, or send it our way! (

Royal Forest:

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Berklee en el SXSW 2011

Berklee vuelve al Lucky Lounge en el downtown de la ciudad por segunda vez en la tarde de jueves, luego el viernes se hizo la sexta fiesta oficial del SXSW, la calle más ocupada del SXSW en Austin. SXSW celebra su 25to aniversario este año, recibiendo mas de 1.900 bandas durante su semana de la música, 16-20 de marzo.

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Berklee at SXSW: Mixtape!

We’re Austin-bound! This year, Berklee will host two day parties at SXSW, as well as an alumni barbeque at a ranch in nearby Johnson City. You’ll be able to read about all our adventures here on the blog, but first – catch a sneak peak of the Berklee student and alumni bands playing our parties this Thursday and Friday, for your listening and downloading pleasure:

Royal Forest: “Courtesy in Decline”

Teletextile: “I Don’t Know How To Act Here”

Tucker Jameson & the Hot Mugs: “Give Into Desire”

Julia Easterlin: “Render”

Aloud: “Exile in the Night”

Art Decade: “The Queen”

Stereo Telescope: “Geography”

Emily Elbert: “Do Without”

Audio Runner: “Loose Lips”

Black Kettle: “Spineless”

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2010 Berklee CMJ Showcase: Julia Easterlin

It takes the crowd at the Bowery Poetry Club some moments to figure out just what Julia Easterlin is up to on stage.  She stands alone, in front of a looping machine, humming into the microphone, then plays back the sound.  She adds another vocal tone, and then some others, harmonizing with herself.  She snaps her fingers and claps her hands into the machine, all the while playing back the progress that starts to sound like she’s surrounded by backing vocalists and a rhythm section.  But, still there is only Julia and her looping machine.  The audience is mesmerized.  Julia sings her original songs to the tracks she creates, sometimes playing guitar.  Her sound ranges from jazz to roots to pop.  Her cover of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” toward the end of the set is fun, but the real magic is watching her unwrap her songs, layer by layer, on the looping machine and discovering what she has in store with each of her own songs, like “Whiskey,” about her grandmother.

As a soundcheck was underway, Julia Easterlin spoke about the freedom of having a looping machine as a bandmate, and how she markets her music.

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