Nadia Washington, one of the most beautiful jazz voices I have ever heard, graced us with her presence at the Regattabar last week. With her all-star band, the jazz at the Regattabar Courtyard had never been sweeter.

Nadia has been around the jazz world for some time considering her young age. From the Blue Note and the Vibrato, now to the Regattabar to help showcase the Summer in the City Concert Series. Her band consists of only the best, including Jesse Sheinin, another SitC artist this summer. The drums were perfect, the bass and keys tighter than any I’ve seen and the sax brilliant, able to trade fours with Nadia’s sometimes scat vocals.

It’s been a while since I’ve heard a good scat. Many try and do it, but often it just becomes some sort of Aguilera highs and lows. Nadia has the Ella Fitzgerald perfection down. Able to mimic other instruments, she can give the bass and high end and everything in between. The Regattabar crowd watched in awestruck silence as the music played and only when it finished and there was a moment to let it sink in did the crowd explode in applause.

As this was my last time able to attend a Reggatabar show this summer, this show was an amazing way to end it for me. This was one of my favorite venues all summer long and I enjoyed every show, but this was like icing on the cake…and icing is my favorite part of every cake.

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