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Berklee Presents Nadia Washington Quartet at the Regattabar Courtyard Series

Nadia Washington, one of the most beautiful jazz voices I have ever heard, graced us with her presence at the Regattabar last week. With her all-star band, the jazz at the Regattabar Courtyard had never been sweeter.

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Way Out West – The Hailey Niswanger Quartet – Hawaii 2 (#6)

Rob Hayes, VP of external affairs, reports from the HNQ’s recording session.

The time has flown by here.  The band has been recording at the Steelgrass Farm Studio, and has eight to ten strong tracks in the can.  Producer and Berklee Professor Stephen Webber is thrilled with the band’s sound, and how fast and unerringly they work.  They’ve been having a great time.  They’ve even snuck out for an ocean swim a few times!

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Way Out West – The Hailey Niswanger Quartet on Tour (#5)

And now … Hawaii

Berklee is a truly entrepreneurial place. A school that started in 1945, in Lawrence Berk’s teaching studio, with a big idea and a lot of heart, has somehow hung onto the notion that if you can extend yourself to bring music to the people, and do some good in the process, they will respond in kind.

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Way Out West – The Hailey Niswanger Quartet on Tour (#4)

Having successfully re-entered the land of the Red, White and Blue – there was a bad moment at U.S. Customs with an officer who seemed to be making things hard for our pianist Takeshi, who is Japanese – we smoothly rolled for five hours through Washington’s gorgeous Olympic Peninsula, enroute to Hailey’s hometown, Portland, Oregon.

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Way Out West – The Hailey Niswanger Quartet on Tour (#3)

Hailey Niswanger of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute writes in from her international summer tour.

The HNQ has just landed in Kaua’i and we are so excited to be here. Friday night’s gig at Jimmy Mak’s was a huge success. The first set was completely full, with many familiar faces of friends and family. It is always a pleasure to play in my hometown of Portland, Oregon, the support from my friends, family and fans is incredible. I was so happy to see my best and closest friends there.

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