While this past week’s Regattabar show was rained out with flash-flood-like speed, the show before that easily brought enough sunshine to everyone’s day to make up for it.

Felix Peikli, Norway’s finest, performed at the Regattabar last Monday. With two all-star accompanying musicians, they lit up the courtyard without delay.

It was good to see some true showmanship. Not that I don’t see it at most of the shows I go to for the Summer in the City Series, but Felix had down a step above the rest. He was comfortable and confident behind his clarinet and behind the microphone while talking to the audience. The rest of the band had that same confidence. As a drummer, I love a good solo on the kit, and this show had that in abundance. Felix’s drummer was a jazz drumming machine!

The whole show was filled with smiles and laughs. Felix did an amazing job of staying in touch with the crowd and connecting whether it be taking a few requests or just making eye contact with those who could not take their eyes off the trio. Felix was something good before he came to Berklee and he has only grown into something better. No matter what country he may be performing in, Felix will put on a great show.

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