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Aires De Argentina at the Boston Public Library Courtyard Series

Last Friday I had the pleasure of stepping into one of Boston’s prettiest and unadvertised courtyards. The Boston Public Library was the day’s venue and Aires de Argentina was the band performing. I-Yun Chung announced her band, and off they went. This multicultural five piece band of Berklee pros produced the most low key yet most interesting shows I have been to yet. I-Yun has a great affinity towards Argentinian music and has therefore produced a band to play just that.

Not only had I never been to the courtyard, but I had never been to the Boston Public Library. What a beautiful place. The architecture and interior design, not to mention the incredible size of the library was breathtaking. To think that such a quiet and serene place exists right next to where thousands line up to watch the end of the Boston Marathon is puzzling but makes it all the more amazing. As you step into the courtyard you are transported to another world. Completely enclosed (as seen below) with a small pool in the middle, this courtyard stands up next to the best of Boston’s outdoor venues.

What I found most interesting was how mid-show half of the band dispersed, leaving only keys and guitarist for one song and then adding in only the violin for another. It provided for a great difference in dynamic and also gave a great spotlight for the guitarists more classical roots to show.

The band consisted of a bassist who I recognize from playing with Silvina Moreno, a classical guitarist, a drummer who knew the boundaries of technical playing and simplicity and a violinist who had no problem hitting a few thirty second notes when the need arises. The whole band accompanied I-Yun’s Nord keyboard as if they had played together for years. I was able to see them perform once before and I was impressed. To see them again a month later and hear the impressive difference in their tightness was astounding. I-Yun, keep this band together because I can’t wait to see more!

Classical Guitar : Mathias Minguet
Violin : Echae Kang
Upright Bass : Luis Lascano
Drum sets: Patrick Simard

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  1. I-Yun Chung

    Thank you so much for the beautiful words. We had so much fun of playing there . We will try harder to make more music 🙂

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