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Sara Rachele: If Interns were Records…

Crafting the perfect concept album, and proving your credibility in the workplace take the same care.  Snap judgements are in play, you know. Fans either like it, or they hate it. And personally, in a time when even my mama knows how to burn a CD, everybody should want to be the type you keep on vinyl, and play for your grand-kids.

Longevity, darlings –You make a junk record, no one will buy your next one. If you do good work, know your audience and understand your niche, you can leave a great mark on your employer! Take this into consideration when and where you’re applying. You don’t want to be a low-fi acoustic deal trying to play on the urban charts. And once you’re in, know you’ve been welcomed in as an intern, and you are there for a short time, so be appreciative! And take every moment and make it believable.  It’s a huge honor to score an internship in the Biz, and it’s a killer opportunity to learn, so work for it!

It’s alright if you have some scratches. If you make a mistake, judgement happens, but you can give it a positive spin! It’s true that as an intern, you are being double-checked, but keep on showin your good-side, on your B-side too. But don’t worry, it’s not all about charm. It’s not just about the vibe of the record, what’s most important are [say it with me] the songs.

I’m among the camp that believes artists need relationships with the fans. Forever. The ”we’re with you for the long haul” kind. And that occurs when records are made with some muscle. Use your creative craftsmanship at your internship! Your approach is the genre of the album, and every single task/project are the songs. Every little one deserves perfection, and nothing extraneous.

Lose the bad tracks — Remember this: No one wants to hear you talk about something they experience. Don’t meander around the music, it’s either good, or gone. No one’s autodiscography is perfect (Even Ryan Adams made “Rock n Roll”….) but if you take every responsibility at your internship seriously, it really works. You’ll be proud of your product. You’ll gain trust — They’ll count on you. And it’s all under your control.

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Sara Rachele, former vocalist and keyboardist for The Love Willows (Decca), has been studying at Berklee since mid 2009. A songwriting and music business major, Sara currently interns at The Orchard, an independent music and video distributor in NYC . She is currently living in the East Village with her dog Hank Williams.


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