In terms of a beautiful summertime show, the Harvard longwood Campus puts up a good fight for 1st. To kick off the Longwood Series, Kelly Bartley and the Hermanos performed for the lunchtime crowd.

The spot is awesome. Two giant fields of fresh cut grass surrounded by marble stone buildings. Right behind the band tent are giant marble stairs as well which provide ample seating for lunch and concert goers. And if you can stand the heat, there are trees all around to give you some relief.

But little relief was needed once the band started to play. A cool wave of sweet country music cut through the air, lightening spirits and cooling down moods. With a pedal steel master up front and awesome harmonious country vocals, you could have enjoyed this show without even liking country music.

Kelly had a nice bouncy presence on stage. Keeping a light heart let her stay in touch with the crowd and keep a smile on her face. She even played a nice Rafi cover of Baby Beluga which I enjoyed immensely…as did all the kids under 6 years old.

I would check out any one of the band members on a solo gig, so getting to see them all together was a great experience. I can’t wait to see them again. To find out more about Kelly Bartley and the Hermanos and all the other great shows happening this summer as part of the Summer in the City Concert Series, please check out