Alicia Lemke sighting number 2! Last Thursday I had a wonderful time in Kendall Square watching Alicia Lemke and her full band perform.

It was a slightly windy but beautiful day with people out and about and even a nice farmers market selling some nice overpriced produce nearby. While the lighting for my pictures may not have been the best, Alicia still lit up the stage, keeping the whole crowd engaged and hopeful for another song.

When I saw her last, she was at the WBUR Spring Fest. There, she played with her keyboardist and drummer. At the Kendall show however, she not only had them but a very tight guitarist and bassist to add to the mix. All of the boys behind her had a great style to their playing and overall a great stage presence. Even towards the end when Alicia finished her set, the band got back up on stage alone and belted out a handful of great covers and jams that was a nice cherry to the afternoon’s sundae. The guitarist who I had only heard speak a few times had a great voice to equally match his tremendous playing. The Kendall Square venue itself is a perfect spot for a small show. There’s nice seating with umbrella covered tables and places to get smoothies and wraps in the building behind. If there was any question as to where to grab lunch on a Thursday over the summer, I think I’ve found the right spot.

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