Katrina Bello, Summer 2010 London Program, shares a post about a thrilling open mic experience in London. Read more from Katrina here and here.

I’m still floating…so, excuse me, while i kiss the sky.

I just had one of the most amazing experiences in my lifetime. I know, that sounds really intense, but it really is that serious.

Katrina Bello - Troy Bar Open Mic - London

I went to an open mic tonight at Troy Bar in Hoxton. I’ve been twice before and it just is all together a dope place to be. Ya’ll know I’m all about vibes. The vibe here is just my speed. Dope. Dope. and Dope. The host is a brilliant vocalist with a wit and charm about her. Plus, she makes everyone feel so at home. The dj plays all those songs that make u say “daaaaaaaaang…this used to be my joint!” Yep. It’s like that. and the band…the band is wicked, as they would say here in London lol.

Anyways, I sang tonight and it felt soooooo good. I think I’m getting more and more comfortable on stage. with my voice. with who i am as an artist. each of these small shows that I’m making myself do (even when i’m always sometimes scared as IDK WHAT!!!)  are FORCING me to get do so. It’s such a soul bearing experience. Each time, I’m up there I realize my intent is solely to be sincere and connect with what im singing so that in return someone can feel what im sayin, ya kno? Moment of clarity.

Anyways! Much to my surprise, I got a standing ovation. Can u believe that? I was SO shocked. humbled. grateful. shocked. deer in headlights. shocked. happy. lol. I was ALL OF THOSE THINGS. Ive never felt anything like that in my life. A high I cant explain.

I had to share. Pictures below. Gotta goooo. ~katrina

Katrina Bello - Open Mic - Troy Bar, London