Katrina Bello, Summer 2010 London Program, shares a post about a thrilling open mic experience in London. Read more from Katrina here and here.

I’m still floating…so, excuse me, while i kiss the sky.

I just had one of the most amazing experiences in my lifetime. I know, that sounds really intense, but it really is that serious.

Katrina Bello - Troy Bar Open Mic - London

I went to an open mic tonight at Troy Bar in Hoxton. I’ve been twice before and it just is all together a dope place to be. Ya’ll know I’m all about vibes. The vibe here is just my speed. Dope. Dope. and Dope. The host is a brilliant vocalist with a wit and charm about her. Plus, she makes everyone feel so at home. The dj plays all those songs that make u say “daaaaaaaaang…this used to be my joint!” Yep. It’s like that. and the band…the band is wicked, as they would say here in London lol.

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