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Open Mic, Standing O – Katrina Bello – London Summer 2010

Katrina Bello, Summer 2010 London Program, shares a post about a thrilling open mic experience in London. Read more from Katrina here and here.

I’m still floating…so, excuse me, while i kiss the sky.

I just had one of the most amazing experiences in my lifetime. I know, that sounds really intense, but it really is that serious.

Katrina Bello - Troy Bar Open Mic - London

I went to an open mic tonight at Troy Bar in Hoxton. I’ve been twice before and it just is all together a dope place to be. Ya’ll know I’m all about vibes. The vibe here is just my speed. Dope. Dope. and Dope. The host is a brilliant vocalist with a wit and charm about her. Plus, she makes everyone feel so at home. The dj plays all those songs that make u say “daaaaaaaaang…this used to be my joint!” Yep. It’s like that. and the band…the band is wicked, as they would say here in London lol.

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Back To Boston

I’m just finishing my first day back at work. I still haven’t really processed that I am back in Boston. While it’s nice to be back with my family, I already miss New Orleans, and the work we were doing.

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Maria: a porch and a musical dog

Hi Everyone, it’s Maria.  Today Team Fascia (Omar, Janelle & I) made some incredible progress on the front porch flooring of the house.  It’s amazing how satisfying this work can be.  It took us several tries to get one of our boards cut to fit around the porch railing post and when it finally slid into place the excitement in the air was palpable.   Our group as a whole has gotten so much done in three days.  The owner is hoping to move in on July 1st so our aim is to finish the house in time for the final inspection on Tuesday.  We actually met the house owner, Paul, today.  It turns out that he used to live in Boston and went to the Berklee Five-Week Program in the 80s!  Could it get any cooler than that?

Last night a few of us walked out to Frenchman St and went to a club called DBAs.  We saw a sousaphone trio with washboard percussion and guitar.  The music was just fantastic!  There was a gigantic dog in the audience (half golden, half lab) who was tapping his paw to the music.  The owners told us it was his favorite club and his favorite band…. only in New Orleans!

Day 4

Fixing fu-pas

Fixing fu-pas

Although this was not our hottest day, it felt like it. I spent most of the day circling the house touching up fu-pas. In time I was back up on the wall doing more caulking. As we were close to packing up we were treated with thunder, lightening, and a nice downpour.

Paul Scali, a drummer and the new owner of our house, stopped by to help us out in the afternoon. After we leave he and his family will convert this house into a home.

I’m going to look for some craw fish tonight.

Maria in NOLA

Hi Everyone – Maria here.  I work in Meetings & Events at Berklee and this is my first trip to New Orleans.  Well, we’re closing out our first full day here in New Orleans.  We arrived yesterday afternoon and took a stroll around the French quarter for a few hours while the hotel readied our rooms.  Truly, I feel like I’m in another country here in the French Quarter… the narrow streets, brightly colored buildings and balconies adorned with hanging plants are just beautiful and it’s unlike anything I’ve seen.  There is so much to look at it was hard to take it all in.  After dinner a few of us took in a bit of Bourbon St.  There is music blaring from every other bar and for a Monday night it was busy!  Truthfully, the scene there is a bit overwhelming, but hey, you just have to check it out if you’re going to come to New Orleans, right?

It’s now Tuesday evening and we have officially survived our first day on the work site.  

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