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Day 6

Today I enjoyed tacking up spindles and using the saws-all to “almost” finish the front porch. We are confident that Paul’s house will pass inspection on Tuesday. 

Although we were all tired we stayed late, and I think that we all wanted to come back tomorrow to finish up! Just one more day to be finished.

The work this week has been very intense and I am ready for a break, but I so wish that I did not have to go home tomorrow.

I appreciate the opportunity that Berklee has afforded me through this endeavor. Sending faculty and staff to accomplish this type of work speaks very highly of our college’s administration.
During lunch I took a walk and found someone’s Christmas decorations on the side of a now empty street. There once were homes here. In another location I found the remnants of a piggy-bank. Nearby broken dishes were scattered in the mud.

For us, its back to reality tomorrow. Actually, I suppose we are leaving reality tomorrow.

Christmas Decorations

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  1. Jenna

    So many years later… these pieces of lives stopped remain to remind us of the work left to do.

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