So, for us, it is finished.
For those we have left behind the work continues, and they must carry on.
I want to stop dwelling on the horrible things that have happened in NOLA, for they are now oh so clear to me and we must forge forward. It will be difficult but we can move forward and remember.
We, as many before us, have accomplished the greatest act that man can accomplish. We have helped our fellow man without being asked.
My prayer is that actions like ours will continue in NOLA and other places in need. This is mankind at its best.
I extend my deepest gratitude to all of the members of our team, to our leaders, to Ben, our teacher, and to all of the locals that reached out to us. Yes, thats right, it seemed like they were reaching out to us, to help us deal with what we were seeing for the first time.
May God bless NOLA.

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