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Day 5

You see this on every block.

You see this on every block.

It was another hot one featuring a thunder and lightening show at lunch time. I was soaking wet most of the day, initially from sweat, and finally from rain. I spent the entire day in the sun working on decking and stringers. Chris and Christina (Mets and Yankee fans) did terrific work on fitting the decking onto a deck built by someone else. Noah was a god with the drill. Barbara was steadfast, as usual, a ray of hope on a cloudy day.

After work we visited the Lower 9th Ward. This area received the most devastation from Katrina. There is no way that I can describe how horrific it still looks, so I will not try.

Tomorrow I will finish the side stairs. Tonight I am looking for lots of sleep!

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La TimbĂ­stica, the Berklee Latin Jazz All-Stars on their way to Freihofer’s Jazz Festival in Saratoga Springs, NY

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  1. Mary

    I’m happy that you got a little rain to cool you down mid day. I am anxious to see all the pictures you have taken when you come home. I miss you but I know that the work you are doing is far more important and everyone should be proud of their accomplishments.I bet all of this sun has given you an excellent tan….I am jealous!

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