Wow–I can’t believe we’re near the end–it went by so quickly!  What wonderful, rich experiences we’ve had.  Last nite, Juliana & I had a personal tour of New Orleans with Angelamia Bachemin & her sweetie Ginger, whom I can’t thank enough!  We had homecookin’ at the Jujubag Cafe, which y’all should visit for some lovely live music and fresh fried catfish, and sit in an oasis of a patio garden! Angie showed us the school where she had started a music program for neighborhood kids, but now a big fish has purchased the buildings and she will have to find another place for her passion of teaching kids.  If anyone can do it, Angie can!

We’ve got a lot of work to finish up today, we really want Paul to get into his house by Wednesday.  We’ve got to finish the porches, and finish some touch up paint.  Gotta get to work!

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