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Day 1

This is Gmoots. We arrived without incident. Its hot. We have been drinking….water….all day. What an interesting 1st look I have had. The new mixed with the old. The beautiful mixed with the torn down. Every step is steeped in history. Tomorrow our work begins. Until then….the pool beckons.

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Excited to go!


Berklee in Nola, Again


  1. Patricia Peknik

    That first day is a killer, so take water breaks and find some midday shade. Hope the sno-cone truck still comes around.

  2. Mary

    I am so glad that you all have arrived safely. I am anxious to here exactly what you will be building for the week. keep us posted and take some pictures!

  3. dmooter

    Brother GMOOTS, good to hear you made it to the Big Easy. One would think it is cooler up here in Nebraska where Louisiana State won the first out of a best of three in the College World Series against Texas. It is 81 degrees here at 7:30 am and the humidity is 89%. You got nothin on us.

  4. Emily

    Git ‘er dun Olig! Have fun, be safe, and make memories.

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