Hey y’all!

(Yes… I’m from PA but I’m currently in Texas so the y’all thing is working at the moment!) ¬†ūüôā

The Berklee trip to DC was a total success!!  What an honor to be a part of the Conservatory Project at the Kennedy Center.  I am so grateful for the Berklee faculty for putting such a great trip together.

On Thursday afternoon, Johnny, Rob Hayes and I went to the Voice of America. ¬†It was soooo cool. ¬†Doug Levine hosts his own radio show and invited us in for an interview. ¬†Johnny and I really enjoyed talking with him. ¬†That was our first time ON AIR together. ūüôā ¬†The interview is going to be translated into several different languages and broadcasted across the world. ¬†How exciting is that?! ¬†

After the radio interview, the band and I had a very lengthy sound check at the Kennedy Center. ¬†It was refreshing not to feel rushed! ¬†We felt good about everything before we went on. ¬†The show turned out really nicely… if I do say so myself! ¬†It was a treat for Johnny, Derek, Jake and me to play for over 300 music lovers in such a nice theater. ¬†I loved the energy of the crowd. ¬†You can watch the show at www.kennedy-center.org. ¬†Scroll down and on the right you’ll find “Archived Performances- Berklee College of Music – May 21st”. ¬†That’s us!

I can’t tell you how fun it is to be backed up by musicians who understand my music. ¬†I am so lucky to have such a wonderful band. ¬†Not only are they great players but they are my buddies. ¬†(I love you guys!)

After the show there was a top notch reception. ¬†The room was filled with Berklee faculty, family, friends… and even a few people from Berklee’s partner school in Hellsinki. ¬†I was honored to meet Berklee’s Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, Larry Simpson. ¬†Larry hosted the reception and gave everyone a warm welcome. ¬†Larry spoke about Berklee’s accomplishments and I was amazed to learn that over 170 Grammy awards have been given to Berklee alumni. ¬†He then invited me to play one last song. ¬†Johnny and I decided to do a bluegrass tune we love, Red Clay Halo by Gillian Welch. ¬†I even invited my mom up to sing third part harmonies. ¬†Now she can say she sang at the Kennedy Center too! ūüôā

It was such an incredible honor to be representing Berklee at the Kennedy Center’s Conservatory Project. ¬†I¬†owe a big thanks to everyone at Berklee who made the event run so smoothly. ¬†Thank you Ginny Fordham for putting a good word in for me at the Berklee offices. ¬†Thank you Rob Hayes for making this all happen!


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