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Doug Levine

Voice of America Pics

Before their Kennedy Center gig last Thursday, Liz and Johnny recorded an interview for VOA Music Mix, which will be heard in dozens of countries and languages.  Here are some pics from the studio:

Liz and Johnny at the Voice of America.

Liz and Johnny at the Voice of America.

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Kennedy Center wrap up…

Hey y’all!

(Yes… I’m from PA but I’m currently in Texas so the y’all thing is working at the moment!)  🙂

The Berklee trip to DC was a total success!!  What an honor to be a part of the Conservatory Project at the Kennedy Center.  I am so grateful for the Berklee faculty for putting such a great trip together.

On Thursday afternoon, Johnny, Rob Hayes and I went to the Voice of America.  It was soooo cool.  Doug Levine hosts his own radio show and invited us in for an interview.  Johnny and I really enjoyed talking with him.  That was our first time ON AIR together. 🙂  The interview is going to be translated into several different languages and broadcasted across the world.  How exciting is that?!  

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