Hey everybody!

My name is Liz Longley.  I’m a senior at Berklee, a songwriting major and vocal principal.  I’m so excited to be in Washington, D.C. with my band tonight.  Tomorrow night we’ve got a big show at the Kennedy Center’s Terrace Theater.   We can’t wait! 

Here’s a little taste of who I am and the music I make:  www.lizlongley.com

If you’re into myspace, I’m here:  www.myspace.com/lizlongley

Today was pretty perfect.  An easy flight (it can be pretty tricky when you’ve got an instrument in hand), a delicious dinner (shrimp scampi!) and a night with my band mates in an awesome hotel.  Thank you, Berklee!

Tomorrow I’ll be doing a radio show on Voice of America, then sound check at 4, and the show starts at 6.  Looks like Jake already posted a link so tune in to the show online if you’re around!  If not, it’ll be posted on the Kennedy Center website for awhile.

Wish us luck tomorrow!  I’ll keep you posted…



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