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Berklee @ Kerrville Folk Fest!

YEEEHAWWW.  I’m in Texas!  This is my first time and I am loving it.  Earlier this year, I submitted to the Kerrville Folk Festival’s ‘New Folk Competition’.  Out of 800+ applicants, 32 artists are chosen to play for 3 judges and a LOT of music loving, friendly folkies.  I am very honored to be amongst so many talented New Folk finalists.  Today, the first 16 artists played.  Tomorrow the next 16 play and then the judges choose 6 finalists to come back and play next weekend.  

Before the show, the staff stressed to the finalists that the crowd is “here to love you!”.  Well, that didn’t calm my nerves!  I thought “they might WANT to love you, but that doesn’t mean they WILL!”  But I played today and once I was up there, I really did feel the love.  By the time I went on, the rain was POURING and it sounded beautiful on the theater’s tin roof.  It was funny because part of the lyric to my first song was “you’ve got a way of coming over me like rain in June”.  So the rain on the tin roof was kind of an epic touch.

My favorite response from an audience member:  “You’re pretty deep for a blonde!”

That really had me laughing.

It was exciting to hear another Berklee alumni New Folk finalist:  Rebecca Loebe.  She was awesome!!

The Kerrville Folk Festival should be on every music lovers bucket list.  It’s a time to get down and dirty and experience the gift of music.

I went back to the campgrounds after the show and sat with a bunch of songwriters.  We played in a circle for awhile and I was in heaven. So much talent!!!  And people here are unbelievably kind.  At first I was like, “why are you being so nice?!”  Then I caught on and made new friends fast.

I heard the New Folk judges are going to be talking about their judging process on Monday.  I wanted to stick around for that and get a sense of how they decide on the finalists.  I’ll keep you posted on how the rest of the weekend goes… Cross your fingers for me! 🙂

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  1. I’m struggling with the choice between checking the Kerrville website now and waiting for the results straight from Liz!

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