BY TICkwanya jones

This past Fall Semester I took a Digital Marketing course with Professor Stephanie Kellar. In this class one of the topics that we discussed the importance of Social Media. That course truly served as an asset to me. One of the assignments that I’ve been able to do thus far in my Atom Factory journey is work on the Social Media team for their website SMASHD.

Tickwanya in front of the atomfactory

SMASHD is an  upcoming Entertainment, Tech, and Culture blog. For this particular assignment I mainly work on the blog’s Instagram. From working at Atom Factory not only have I been in emerged in Entertainment Culture, but I’ve also entered a brand new world. Since Atom Factory focuses on Tech Startups aside from Music/Entertainment I’ve been able to gain insight into that world as well. Two weeks ago all the interns at Atom Factory went to an Accelerator called  Make in LA. I learned so much about startups and how the process that it takes to get investors to support your startup. The event sort of took me back to my Principles of Marketing course taught by Professor Andrea Johnson. After these past few weeks of learning I’m extremely excited to see what I learn next from the Atom Factory team!

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