By Tickwanya Jones

These past few weeks I’ve been working with a startup company that Atom Factory invested in called Enrou. Enrou is an Fashion based eCommerce company that works with new upcoming fashion designers/artist. Within Enrou I’ve been working work on the Marketing/Partnership team.


My Music Business background from Berklee definitely helped to prepare me for this task; courses like Principles of Marketing and Digital Marketing were key influencers. I’ve done a lot of analytical work these past few weeks. I’ve been researching and gathering data in regards to their target market; which fun fact they nicknamed Emma. Once I collect the data I compile a list in google docs with information on companies that I feel are great potential partners for the Enrou brand. When researching potential partners I try to make sure I find companies that fit the company’s brand, that are located in the Los Angeles area, and have a large following on social media. I try to envision Emma shopping or being serviced at each potential partner. If I can’t find Emma there then I know that particular company is not a good fit for Enrou. The main goal is to connect Enrou with companies with similar brands so that they can build off of their following. This particular assignment has really pushed me as a business woman. I think my marketing skills have truly increased since the beginning of this journey. Aside from the direct lessons I’ve learned from my employers I’ve learned the importance of patience and flexibility. I’ve noticed that the more flexible and open I am to change the more I’ve been able to expand/strengthen my network.

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