By Joshua Taylor
For my second blog post I wanted to give a run down of the most salient things I’ve learned during my time so far at Shamrock Ventures. For those of you who haven’t read my first installment check that out here first. Otherwise, here we go!

  1. Collaboration
The leader of the project, Dan Harple, has had numerous successful companies and so i’ve watched with a keen eye how he has approached this new startup. The first thing that struck me was his willingness to bring others into the heart of the project and to canvas opinion. Gradually throughout the progression of the company, experts with different areas of focus have been brought into the fold to move the project forward. The comparison to musicians is apparent. From Sergeant Pepper to the current top 40 – some of the most successful music ever created was made through a process of huge collaboration. Yet we are often scared witless of tarnishing our musical identity or giving away part of the rights to our music. Perhaps there is something to be learnt here from the business world about the value of collaboration.
2.   Anticipation
Everyone at Shamrock Ventures that is involved in this project is hugely excited about it. It is one of the greatest factors maintaining forward momentum when everyone is working remotely. This excitement is no doubt in part created by a belief in the product or idea but it is also nurtured through the organizing of group events, the marking of landmark moments in the company and the involvement of exciting people. The inclusion of Victor Wooten and Steve Bailey stimulates the tech guys and likewise the input of tech experts such as Carson Smuts and Dan Harple excites the musicians.
3. Kick The Ball
Dan opened the first group discussion with his mantra for collaborating and progressing a business and it has stuck with me ever since:
Always bring a ball
Always kick the ball
Never kick each other
I needn’t add anything.
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