At a recent day of internship, I spent most of the day queuing more Tumblr posts. I found this to consume much more time than anticipated. Though not distracted, I encounter difficulty finding and presenting relevant content. Since starting to use Google Reader to track multiple shows, I am beginning to better understand being overwhelmed by content, most of which is simply noise.

Videos may be long, but are my preferred medium to present. In my experience, I like to watch videos rather than read articles, admitting to the poor attention span cliché of social media users. The content stream I maintain for World Music reflects this: mostly videos, with articles and pictures dispersed in between. Recently, I posted a lengthy interview of Idan Raichel, which offered extensive insight about the artist. Since I was compelled to watch it in its entirety, I felt it necessary to be shared.

Sometimes, I feel that I am too thorough in my posts. Not only in finding ones I feel worthy, but providing thoughtful caption and editorial. I once spent most of a day working on posts, with only a small portion of it committed to event listings. When my supervisor asked that event listings being completed by the end of the next week, I did become slightly nervous. I realized I had ten hours to complete all of the listings.

I plan to manage my time more effectively from now on. I work well when I set goals, and even better when I know how long it will take to complete them. I have not been as adamant with myself in this organization. However, I have had few assignments with deadlines applied to them until now, and after I complete these listings, I will look forward to new challenges.


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Mike LosticaMichael Lostica is attending his seventh and final semester at Berklee as a Music Business major. He interns for World Music/CRASHarts in Cambridge. The organization presents traditional and contemporary arts in Boston, as well as organizing educational programs. Michael also supervises promotions for The Red Room @ Cafe 939. After graduating, he will remain in Boston to develop and grow with Noize Tank, the band he shares with other Berklee students.

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