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Annie Clements ’03 Comes to Berklee!

On July 20th and 21st Annie Clements graced Berklee with her presence. A 2003 graduate of Berklee, Annie currently tours with Grammy-winning country band Sugarland. On Wednesday, July 20th Annie gave a clinic in the Lawrence and Alma Berk recital hall. She spoke about her experiences as a woman in the music industry and also what it takes to make it. Later that evening, she performed a concert alongside her twin brothers, Austin and Tyler, who are current 5- week students, as well as her father Cranston Clements. The concert was something not to be missed as the family performed originals, Sugarland tunes and tunes from their native New Orleans. Annie had tears of joy in her eyes the entire time, exclaiming that coming back to Berklee and being able to perform with her family was simply “awesome!”

On Thursday, July 21st, Annie joined Berklee students, staff and alumni for a luncheon in the loft. The luncheon was the first of many for the new Berklee GEMS series. Berklee GEMS is dedicated to women raising awareness and responsibility in the entertainment industry. Annie spoke to a packed room about the trials and tribulations she has faced as a female in the industry. Some of the topics covered at the luncheon included how to gain respect as a female in the industry, ways to can educate ourselves and men about being women in the industry and what we can do to help fix the problem. The room was buzzing with great conversations and insights from the students about things that they’ve faced as women pursuing careers in entertainment.

One of the great things that the students took away from the event was the advice on how to find a female mentor. It was suggested that women students find someone in the industry doing what they want to be doing, contact them and use that person as a way to get started. Not only that, but Annie left cards with her contact information on all of the tables so any of the students are able to reach out to her with questions! Overall, the event was a huge success and there will be many more of them in the future!


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  1. I had such a wonderful time! Thanks for having me and I hope to come back again very soon. It was such an enthusiastic and important discussion and I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated it. Thanks so much!


  2. Gena Miller

    Annie has made it! Berkley should be proud not only of her accomplishments but her willingness to come back and give back! She is truly a remarkable young lady that I hope we see for many years to come in the industry.
    Gena Miller

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