For my first show at Mother’s rest I got really lucky. A golden sun afternoon with two outstanding bands, relaxing in the shade, and enjoying some sweet female vocals.

The act that I had heard so much about was Women of the World. I remember listening to Ali Rapetti sing when she first got to berklee, whether it was on the beach or at a party. Now to see her in a group like this is astonishing. Every woman in the group has phenomenal pipes. There was actually some electrical issues for a bit of the concert and we got to hear some acapella tunes of theirs which blew me away. It’s very cool to see such an eclectic group of women play such a wide variety of world music. Plus on top of their vocals and stylings, they had a killer band with an incredibly talented percussion section.

The opening act for the show was Vaughnette. She started off the show with a very relaxed set, giving some nice island vibes as if we were sitting on the beach in Trinidad. Plus, with a backup band of what looked like to me to be all Berklee Professors, the sound was tight and pristine. I had a wonderful at this show. While it wasn’t a show where I wanted to get up and shake, it did my soul good to hear their music.

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