Meghan Knowles,  who you may remember from my 5 Cubed series

Berklee students enjoyed a beautiful day off from school yesterday after Boston received approximately 12-14 inches of snow. Students first took to facebook on Wednesday night to share the news of the cancellation, followed by snowmen-making, snowball fighting, and general elation.

Unfortunately, I was unable to take ANY pictures of these events because they were created spontaneously and spread via word of month. And I suppose this is an issue epidemic to Boston as a whole and not just Berklee, as there weren’t any organized snowball fights at the Boston Common or at the Boston Public Gardens either. And like a dagger in my heart, everytime I googled “Boston snowball fight 2011,” I found search results for snowball fights in my hometown, Washington D.C. (take note, Boston!!!) Not that I’m bitter or anything…..

I decided to visit the Boston Public Gardens, anyways, just in case I might find a snowball fight there, but alas, I found no snowball fights or remnants of any either. But I did find children sledding, which is almost as good.

Judging from all the facebook statuses I read, Berklee students really enjoyed the day off to relax, play in the snow, and catch-up on schoolwork (haha – who am I kidding?). But seriously, I definitely took full advantage of the snow day, although I’m still looking forward to spreading a facebook campaign for a Boston snowball fight when the next snowstorm comes around!

– Elisa