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Redefining Expectations in Silicon Valley

As I stepped off the plane and made my way through San Francisco International Airport for the first time, I had no idea what to expect, and I certainly had no idea I was going to leave that airport one week later with a different view and value of who I am as a musician. As one of the 20 fortunate students to explore Silicon Valley with Berklee’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship (BerkleeICE) this winter break, I was in for quite the adventure.

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Snow Day!

Meghan Knowles,  who you may remember from my 5 Cubed series

Berklee students enjoyed a beautiful day off from school yesterday after Boston received approximately 12-14 inches of snow. Students first took to facebook on Wednesday night to share the news of the cancellation, followed by snowmen-making, snowball fighting, and general elation.

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Social Networking 101: Facebook – Hunter Hawes, Intern

Recently I participated in the Los Angeles Internship Program. During my time I unexpectedly became an expert in social network managing and marketing in a company setting. Social Networking is the fastest growing business today and there are plenty of lucrative opportunities for those just entering the job market to cash in on. I interned with 2 companies, Electronic Creatives and TicketWeb. Both had me using social networking to further their goals. I want to share what I learned about social networking specifically tailored for the music industry.

I will walk you through a specific project and how I used social networking for marketing purposes giving the tactics I used to maximize results. When I started at Electronic Creatives the company was basically nonexistent in the social networking world. We had a Facebook group, and a Youtube page. During my internship I created, developed, and maintained a Facebook page, Twitter account, and Youtube account.

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