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Bolsas de estudo

Neste post irei falar sobre as oportunidades de bolsa de estudo e planos de pagamento que um aluno, seja nacional ou internacional, pode adquirir ao longo do curso. Isto é um assunto que pode interessar a muitos, já que o Summer Semester vai começar agora.

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“Women of the World” concert at Carnegie Hall

今回はニューヨーク、カーネギーホールにて3月15日に行われたバークリー発のバンド、”Women of the World”のコンサートについてレポートしたいと思います。(僕自身はコンサートを観られなかったので、コンサートを観た友人からの情報をもとに書かせていただきます。)

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Berklee busks for Japan

Busk: to play music in the street, usually for tips.

Berklee busks for Japan

It’s spring break, and some students are taking the time to help others.

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Berklee’s NAMM Brunch – Party in LA

On January 16th 2011, 370+ Los Angeles area alumni, Boston faculty & staff, and guests all made their way to the beautiful Fairmont-Miramar hotel in Santa Monica for the annual Berklee NAMM Brunch. Peter Gordon headed up the event planning with the help of Karen Bell (Alumni Affairs) and Justine Taormino (LA Alumni Chapter Leader). David McKay introduced President Roger Brown, who spoke about Berklee leaning into the challenging economy and the current “year of alumni” focus moving forward.

With over 300 participants through the door, LA Program interns Lynette Johnson, Caity Cwik and Shannon Bunchman were on hand to help at the registration table. Being new to the LA area, this was the perfect way for the students to be immersed in the extensive alumni community.

“I chose to volunteer at the brunch to get familiar with the alumni community. Since I plan on making a permanent move to LA, I wanted to see what it was all about. The turn out was great and I got to see friends and a prospective internship employer! It was also nice to get to talk with Roger Brown. I’ve only been in LA for a couple of weeks but so far I love the weather and there are so many things to do here!” ~Lynette Johnson

“Working the alumni brunch which was really cool. I did meet Roger Brown for the first time!  It was really great to see such an impressive turnout.  It’s good to know that we have a strong alumni chapter out here in LA. It really inspired me to get involved once I am an alum of Berklee.” ~Caity Cwik

For more info, check out this video of the brunch!

Bobby McFerrin visits Berklee College of Music

Last week, Bobby McFerrin visited Berklee to speak at several classes, including my Artistry, Creativity, and Inquiry class (see my previous article for my information on this new pilot course).  I cannot put into words how inspiring it was hearing Bobby share with us his journey as an artist and the obstacles he faced trailblazing a career as an A Capella performer – and that’s not even mentioning hearing him perform! Here are some clips from Bobby’s visit last Friday at Cafe 939’s Red Room.

Bobby McFerrin’s Musical Influences

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