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Is The Music Industry Evil?

Bloggers_TrevorTrevor Cheitlin is a fifth-semester pro-music major and singer hailing from beautiful Berkeley, CA, where he is known for his boundless imagination and inflated perception of himself.

The morality of the music industry has long been a question posed by the Berklee student body, a sore subject that hangs low above every student’s head as we forge our paths into the industry. I would bet my life on the fact that, were a poll conducted, a large majority of Berklee students would agree that, yes, the music industry at large is comprised of evil corporations and sell-out artists (many would also tell you that they hate the term “sell-out,” as this author does). Keep in mind, however: calling the Berklee student body “unbiased” on the subject is akin to arguing that Abraham Lincoln is not featured on the penny.

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Defining Sound with SocialEQ

Trevor Cheitlin is a fifth-semester pro music major at Berklee. When he’s Bloggers_Trevor
not writing or singing, he’s pretending to be far cooler than he actually
is. Check him out on 

I had the pleasure of accompanying Panos Panay, the founder of Berklee’s new Institute of Creative Entrepreneurship, to the Boston Music Tech Fest a couple of weeks ago, where he sat down with MIT’s Ken Zolot to discuss the entrepreneurial connection between music and tech (Oh what’s this? A post on the subject? You don’t say!). They weren’t the only presenters, however, which means I got to learn about many exciting emerging technologies in the music industry.

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“24-Hours of Happy” Makes Me Happy

Bloggers_TrevorTrevor Cheitlin is a fifth-semester pro music major at Berklee. When he’s not writing or singing, he’s pretending to be far cooler than he actually is. Check him out on YouTube.

The concept of a “music video” is in desperate need of a revolution. The rise of YouTube and other video streaming sites (though, let’s be honest, YouTube’s where it’s at) has made it easier than ever for artists to connect to their fans through video, but in my opinion that’s only made artists and publishers lazier when it comes to the creativity of their videos. Here’s my interpretation of the evolution of the popular music video in recent years: 

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A Dream Trip to the Grammys

Rick Aggeler is a Berklee alumnus (graduating as a professional music major in 2007) and the senior music director for Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston.

As a professional music ’07 alum, going to last week’s Grammy Awards show was a dream come true.  I’ve worked for Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston (specifically the Blue Hill Club in Dorchester) for almost eight years, where we built from the ground up, a full-time 1,000 square foot music clubhouse (called Studio Heat), and teach guitar, bass, drum, piano, voice, and studio lessons to kids ages 10-18.  I began my journey there as a volunteer, which turned into an assignment as an off-site Berklee work study student (through Berklee’s Office of Community Affairs and Campus Engagement). Immediately after graduating (and using the business proposal I wrote as my final project for my professional music degree), I became a full-time staff member at the club. 

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Quiz Time: Thirty Years of Singer’s Showcase

Bloggers_TrevorTrevor Cheitlin is a fifth-semester professional music major at Berklee. As a vocalist and director of music videos, he hopes to make waves in the music industry using new media techniques. Gulp. Check out his work on his YouTube channel.

Every semester, the latest and greatest vocalists at Berklee gather together for the Singers Showcase. This year, besides marking the first time I have personally been to the show, represents 30 years since the founding of the school’s premier vocal event. Unfortunately, as I sat in the balcony of the BPC listening to the parade of more talented singers than I, all I could do was stress out about the other staple of December at Berklee: finals. So, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the showcase (and the nightmare that is finals week), I’ve prepared a little quiz for you all!

Gabriela Carillo raises the roof of the Berklee Performance Center. (Photo by Kelly Davidson)

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