Bloggers_TrevorTrevor Cheitlin is a fifth-semester professional music major at Berklee. As a vocalist and director of music videos, he hopes to make waves in the music industry using new media techniques. Gulp. Check out his work on his YouTube channel.

Every semester, the latest and greatest vocalists at Berklee gather together for the Singers Showcase. This year, besides marking the first time I have personally been to the show, represents 30 years since the founding of the school’s premier vocal event. Unfortunately, as I sat in the balcony of the BPC listening to the parade of more talented singers than I, all I could do was stress out about the other staple of December at Berklee: finals. So, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the showcase (and the nightmare that is finals week), I’ve prepared a little quiz for you all!

Gabriela Carillo raises the roof of the Berklee Performance Center. (Photo by Kelly Davidson)

1) The Berklee Singers Showcase began in:
a) 2003
b) 1993
c) 1983
d) None of the above
(Hint: It was 30 years ago. Come on, this one’s a freebie.)

2) True or False: Rob Rose acted as musical director at this year’s show.

3) The creative minds behind the showcase are known as:
a) The Yo Team
b) Mingus’s Kittens
c) Founding Fathers
d) The Boston Red Sox

4) Match the famous alumni performers to their songs that were sung at this year’s showcase:
i) Lalah Hathaway                               a) “Fairy Tale Ending”
ii) Susan Tedeschi                               b) “Crash Your Party”
iii) Robin McKelle                                c) “I Don’t Want to Wait”
iv) Paula Cole                                      d) “Just Won’t Burn”
v) Amy Heidemann                             e) “Smile”
vi) Charles Pettigrew                           f) “Would I Lie to You”

5) Multiple Choice (that means there might be more than one answer. Hint: there is): Which of the following current faculty members and alumni sang in the Showcase?
a) Jeff Ramsey
b) Annette Philip
c) John Blackwell
d) Gwen Leathers
e) Paul Stiller

6) True or False: The winner of the Singers Showcase receives a contract with 19 Management, as well as a record deal with a major record label.

7) Special guest Daniel “Skyhigh” McClain ’04 wrote and performed the single “Sign On” for which R&B/funk group?
a) The Isley Brothers
b) Earth, Wind & Fire
c) The Meters
d) Average White Band

8) Which of these current team members helped found the Singers Showcase?
a) Donna McElroy
b) Tom Stein
c) Ken Zambello
d) Jodi Leigh Allen

9) Special guest Quentin Montero goes by what nickname?
a) Monty
b) High Note
c) Tin-tin
d) Cue

10) True or False: The author of this quiz actually went to the Showcase.

Answers after the jump.

Special guest Daniel McClain joins the Yo Team onstage for a heartfelt tribute to Nelson Mandela. (Photo by Kelly Davidson)

1) C. If you didn’t get this one, I’m embarrassed for you. (3 points)
2) False. Rob Rose acted as the show’s executive producer. (3 points)
3) A. Rob Rose describes, “At the time, everyone on the team was recording jingles and [we] were spending lots of time in the recording studio together. ‘Yo’ was just a word we used to communicate that something was good or finished. When we were asked by someone at the time what the group was called, I said the ‘Yo’ team, and it stuck.” (3 points)
4) i-e, ii-d, iii-a, iv-c, v-b, vi-f (6 points)
5) A, B, and D. John Blackwell also performed, but as a part of the band. (3 points)
6) False. You’re thinking of American Idol. (2 points)
7) B. You can listen to the song here. (3 points)
8) C. Ken Zambello and Rob Rose are the only two founding members still working on the show. (3 points)
9) D. (3 points)
10) True, duh. Why would I be writing about the showcase if I didn’t actually go? (1 point)

30 points: Showcase Superstar! You sure do know a lot about the Singers Showcase! Either that, or you looked at this year’s program and found all the answers. Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater.
24-29 points:
Showcase Genius! Congrats, smarty pants!
18-23 points:
Showcase Student: You still have much to learn, but you’re on the right track.
12-17 points:
Showcase Newbie. Maybe you should have spent more time studying and less time on Facebook.
0-11 points: 
F. You get an F. This really wasn’t a hard test, but you still managed to fail.

Happy finals!

“WHY?! WHY MUST THE QUIZ BE OVER?!” (Photo by Kelly Davidson)