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The Berklee Silent Film Orchestra plays new score to Battleship Potemkin (1925)

The Berklee Silent Film Orchestra is doing its first out-of-town performance, playing their new score to Battleship Potemkin (1925), at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC. No pressure!

The 10-piece orchestra and five composer/conductors are joined by their professor and fellow Potemkin composer, Sheldon Mirowitz, a crack film projection team from the American Film Institute, and Berklee Film Scoring Chair Dan Carlin, who will introduce the performance.

You can see and hear the musicians work their magic from the orchestra pit, starting at 6:00 pm Eastern time on Friday, and anytime after the show, at this URL

BGJIQ at The Toronto Jazz Fest – Day 2.

Joe Manzoli and I were up early this morning for a radio interview on the premier jazz station in Toronto,  Jazz.FM91.  Joe went on the air with a tenor saxophonist he studied with while in Canada, Kirk MacDonald.  They talked about the youth jazz program here in Toronto, its collaboration with Berklee the previous day, and their upcoming performance at The Rex Jazz & Blues Bar.

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BGJIQ at The Toronto Jazz Fest

Toronto, Canada.  Home to seven major league sports, the CN tower, a zoo, film festivals, and the Toronto Jazz Festival.  My name is Michael Borgida, and I am here road managing the Berklee Globe Jazz Institute Quartet (BGJIQ) featuring Joe Manzoli on guitar,  Caili O’Doherty on piano, Shin Sakaino on bass and Isaac Haselkorn on drums (from left).

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Way Out West – The Hailey Niswanger Quartet on Tour (#5)

And now … Hawaii

Berklee is a truly entrepreneurial place. A school that started in 1945, in Lawrence Berk’s teaching studio, with a big idea and a lot of heart, has somehow hung onto the notion that if you can extend yourself to bring music to the people, and do some good in the process, they will respond in kind.

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Way Out West – The Hailey Niswanger Quartet on Tour (#4)

Having successfully re-entered the land of the Red, White and Blue – there was a bad moment at U.S. Customs with an officer who seemed to be making things hard for our pianist Takeshi, who is Japanese – we smoothly rolled for five hours through Washington’s gorgeous Olympic Peninsula, enroute to Hailey’s hometown, Portland, Oregon.

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