Toronto, Canada.  Home to seven major league sports, the CN tower, a zoo, film festivals, and the Toronto Jazz Festival.  My name is Michael Borgida, and I am here road managing the Berklee Globe Jazz Institute Quartet (BGJIQ) featuring Joe Manzoli on guitar,  Caili O’Doherty on piano, Shin Sakaino on bass and Isaac Haselkorn on drums (from left).

After arriving to Toronto, the band went immediately to work with local high school students in Toronto’s Youth Jazz in the City program.  The high schoolers performed for and with the BGJIQ and received feedback from the group. Here is a video of them performing a blues together.

The quartet finished their day by preparing for the performances during the Toronto Jazz Festival.  They will be performing originals by each of the members and also some compositions by the Managing Director of the Berklee Global Jazz Institute, Marco Pignataro.  This is an original (still to be titled) by Joe Manzoli.