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XMAS Flashmob @ the MFA : Evan Chapman

Standing at three installments into The Loft Sessions, I have had the opportunity to experiment with and fuse my classical background in composition & arranging with that of popular music styles. While the last installment of The Loft Sessions (previous to the Xmas Flashmob) featured the likes of hip-hop, spoken word and classical fusions, I felt as though I wanted to focus on re-contextualizing the format in which we presented the Christmas inspired performance.

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Tal and Tali arrange “Ad Olam” for video

Hello everybody, this is Tal & Tali. We want to tell you a little bit about our video “Ad Olam”.;

But first, who are we?

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Mals Totem video release from Cafe 939;

“The Machine” addresses the mundane repetition of a day’s work. For most of us, we spend at least 40 hours every week at work, having our bodies and minds taxed for monetary compensation—a compensation that we sometimes build our lives around in an obsessive manner. Though ultimately inescapable, and at times harmful in its introduction of stress to us, we are bound to work like Sisyphus is bound to his stone.

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Berklee College: Nancy Jazz Pulsations Festival: Inna Dudukina Quartet

Starting in 2009, Berklee had the opportunity to bring a student lead group to Nancy Jazz Pulsations Festival. The festival is two weeks in length and has featured Miles Davis, Elvin Jones, Dave Holland, and Joshua Redman among others.

Inna 2 - med

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Loft Sessions: original songwriters and arrangers captured on video

Composition and film scoring major Evan Chapman (’13) writes about the latest installment in his Loft Session video series, featuring original Berklee songwriters Sam Fischer, Melanie Lynx, Vince Cannady, and Sarah Walk accompanied by a full string section, choir, and various percussion instruments. 

The Loft Sessions concept materialized back in September of 2012, with a short four-video series, which featured my good friend, Vince Cannady, a string trio, and three back-up singers. Vince, an incredibly talented vocalist had just begun performing his original music, and up until this point hadn’t received the traction someone of his caliber should. I released four videos shortly after which featured a re-arrangement of “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, “Use Somebody” and two of Vinces originals which were filmed and recorded live in the Berklee loft space, comprised of Berklee students. Upon the release of these videos, it became apparent that this concept furnished the capacity to provide a platform for unrecognized talent in a way that local shows could not. 

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