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Soundcharts Review


My name is Michael and I’m a Music Business student at Berklee Valencia. I am an artist manager and lately I’ve been able to study more in depth the importance of data in today’s music industry.

During our second Global Entertainment and Music Business semester, I had the chance to take data analytics as an elective course. Berklee Valencia has been able to provide students with subscriptions to different platforms for an educational use that broadened our knowledge about the existing tools. Soundcharts, specifically, has been one of the most used websites thanks to the friendly dashboards and the daily updated database. While using the website, I had the chance to see that the efficiency of their service is still not at the maximum of their potential as the company is relatively new and in a new market segment. Some parts of the system are still not available and new features are added often. As on one side this could be a negative comment, I think that the initial stage of these platforms are the most exciting. This is the time when your voice can be heard and suggestions can be made, the service is improving really fast and the customer service is working really well.

During my first research, I wanted to get data from small artists and, of course, the database available couldn’t be infinite. Having the possibility to connect links that I knew were original was the best thing I could ask for. The day after I made my suggestions, I received an email from customer service informing me that the data was now available creating a win – win situation for both sides.

I’ve personally used Soundcharts to specifically retrieve data on Spotify’s playlisting; Spotify being one of the most interesting and upcoming platforms in the music data, and playlisting the most hyped topic of the year. The possibility to access a list of names and channels makes the website useful for different actors of the industry. In comparison to their competitors, Soundcharts provide access to detailed Spotify data and in my case it helped understanding which playlists were the most effective for the specific genre.

In the last years, the company has reached the biggest media outlets such as Hypebot or Forbes, who wrote articles about the impact of the company on the music market. In the summer of 2016, Soundcharts managed to close to their Seed Round with €320,000 that helped and will help their rise. MusicAlly has also reported the company as one of the top 30 music startups to watch in 2017, and the owner and founder David Weiszfeld is trying to share their vision and mission in many music conferences all over the world.

If you never heard about Soundcharts I would suggest you give it a look and understand how could this platform be helpful for the music industry workers.

In conclusion, this website is really helpful and rising to be one of the most important tools for the future of the music industry. The data analytics sector of the music industry is growing exponentially and new applications or websites are available every day. It will be hard for the French based company to keep up with the technological development of their competitors, but as a user and reviewer of this website I truly believe the team has all the potential needed. Thanks to Berklee College of Music Valencia Campus for giving us the chance to experiment this, and more new tools to strengthen our knowledge and make us a part of the future change.

Words by Michael Bassal


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