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Global Entertainment and Music Business

Launching MILKMAN and Getting a Main Stage at a 3 Day Music and Arts Festival

Hello, we are MILKMAN, a live event property and record label created by Jai Anand (a Berklee Graduate student here in Valencia). MILKMAN is a hybrid of ideas, emotions and sounds that come to life through live events and extraordinary experiences. MILKMAN offers live music and entertainment experiences for all of mankind. Being music enthusiasts and experiencing live music events across the world, we strongly believe in creating happy and dance-friendly environments for essential music lovers.

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Just To Burn Down

They built beautiful, exuberant and colorful things just to burn them down.

They labored, they sweat, they spent the better hours of a day crafting fine details and creating whole worlds; just to engulf it all in flames.


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Soundcharts Review


My name is Michael and I’m a Music Business student at Berklee Valencia. I am an artist manager and lately I’ve been able to study more in depth the importance of data in today’s music industry.

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Justice and Freedom for All*

*Terms may apply

If no one’s going to say it, I guess I’m going to have to be the one to say it.

It’s Black History Month in my country, America.

A time set aside to celebrate the contributions of Black Americans in the United States. 

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Temporally Friends, Temporarily Strangers

15235520_1439128572763918_6448870009864439842_oA story from an anonymous graduate student telling us their experience of the first instances arriving in a new country, in a different continent far away from home. In a place where they don’t know anyone or speak the language. An honest insight into the first thoughts of starting something new, an incredible life changing experience.


I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.

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