I feel like I wrote my last blog post yesterday. How is this happening?! 

These two weeks at Tunecore, I’ve been doing a couple different things. Part of the day, I spend listening to the new music submitted by artists who have signed up for publishing with Tunecore. That’s where I do what I explained last time. I listen to the music and figure out what is viable or not. It’s getting easier to tell what can be used. It still doesn’t feel great looking at music from such an objective standpoint, but at the same time, it’s the industry we’re in, and I’m happy I’m seeing this end of it to take back and understand from a different perspective.

I also had lunch with Katie, my supervisor, which was great because it’s hard getting to know each other when we’re so crammed with work in our cubicles. Getting out of the office and talking about other kinds of things, namely Harry Potter, but also her experience getting into the industry, was really nice. I’m happy to have made a connection with her. There are so many people out here to learn from!

At MuMo, the last two weeks have been super interesting. Lucas is recording an EDM album to take and premiere in Ibiza, and this month is full of recording sessions. I’ve never learned how to set up audio equipment, but now, I help set up Lucas’s studio with the right cables before and after each session. I’m really happy about this because it’s such a valuable skill to know in this industry.

The last two days at MuMo, I’ve stayed until 9pm, not working, but sitting and watching the recording sessions. And I’ve loved that! Watching the creative process, seeing a song start from nothing, is pretty magical. The sessions start in the afternoon, so I finish up all my work, and then sit in. In that time, I’ve talked to a number of the singers and producers that Lucas has brought in to work with. Seeing the creation of potential huge hits is a surreal experience. Lucas has clearly written very prestigious music, he’s won numerous awards in Spain, and even wrote the new Olympic theme music for Rio. When I listen to music that’s already out there, that has already made it, usually I can see why. But never have I been in the writing stages of that music, where it’s so unknown what will be happening. And it was surreal watching Lucas getting so excited, looking at me in awe of the singer and nodding his head at me mouthing “This is so amazing!” Watching him getting excited about the song made me realize that this is real! This is the process, for anyone! No matter how big the song gets, we all start from the exact same place. I don’t know how to articulate this thought process, but I hope that made sense. 

Another cool part of my week was when Steve and Lucas ordered lunch for the office. Both days,  I ended up sitting next to Lucas one of those days, and Steve on the other. Both times, I feel like I formed a closer relationship with them, one I hope I can continue when I come back to LA next year. Steve told me what he finds my strengths to be, and where he could see me in the future. He got my strengths spot on, which gave me more confidence in the fact that I exert the right kind of energy to reach my dreams. 

Time is winding down. I’m trying to cram as much into these next few weeks as possible. Wish me luck!

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