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Lucas here. Just to give a brief refresher, I’m interning at Disruptor Records in New York City – An upcoming record label lead by Adam Alpert that has a joint venture agreement with Sony Music Entertainment.

After my time here I’ve learned that the EDM world is fast, ever-changing, and always on the move to the next big sound. It lives within the realms of Youtube Channels, Spotify Playlists, Social Media Profiles, Soundcloud Tastemakers, EDM Blogs, Festivals, Underground Scenes, etc. Now for each genre of music there can be tremendous to minute differences to how you market it, sell it, promote it, whatever – but all musicians, bands, and artists start in the same place. From nowhere.

Today – there was a big moment in the office. The Chainsmokers newest song “Closer” that was released last Friday had reached #1 on the iTunes Store. People were screaming, jumping up an down and running around the office. It was a wonderful moment. It had been seen positively climbing up some Spotify Top 50 Charts, it made its way onto Mediabase, and it was getting great publicity from all the right magazines/blogs. With all that being said it still has some ways to go before the Disruptor family is truly happy with it knowing those guys – they want to bring it to the top. But, a moment of reflection…

The Chainsmokers big break was not too long ago in 2014 from a quirky song called #SELFIE. Immediately after that many people within the Music Industry thought they were going to be another one hit wonder and actually told them so. Behind each mega hit hours of writing, A&R, emails, social media marketing, strategic radio promotion, graphic art, press, etc goes into it. It takes a lot of time to get one song to where it needs to be on the top charts. This level of fame The Chainsmokers have achieved can at sometimes seem like its always been there and many people/fans don’t realize how long it took and the effort it took to get it to where it is now. It’s encouraging- to see a team work hard and have their efforts pay off. The Disruptor family constantly reminds themselves that this era in The Chainsmokers career is still new and they often think back to the humble beginnings from where they started.

Musicians are constantly working and getting closer to their goals as artists. But I think a moment of reflection from time to time in order to remember where they came from, and understand the struggles they first had in the beginnings, is extremely important to be able to keep moving forward.


“Closer” – The Chainsmokers

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