What made you become a musician?
I was always into playing keys, but I never considered music as more than just a hobby. After graduating as a Computer Engineer & working for 2 years, I realized that it was not the life for me. I started learning basic Electronic Music Production and started playing around with MIDI controllers and sampling techniques. Every time I created something good, I would get a crazy euphoric feeling which forced me to take this up full time.

Why study at Berklee Valencia?
I have grown up listening to success stories of Berklee Alumni. When I came across this course, I knew this was perfect for me. The course title, ‘Master’s in Music Production, Technology & Innovation’ is enough to explain all my life goals.
Also, I always wanted to travel to Europe. This course was perfect from every angle.

Did you hear about Innovation ¡En Vivo! before Berklee?
I read about this Event while researching the course. While watching youtube videos of past performances, I got a sudden adrenaline rush and it became my dream to be a part of this event next year.

How did it feel when you were told that your act got selected for Innovation EnVivo?
Honestly, it was a mixture of excitement and nervousness. That was the moment when it struck me, I might be one of the few doing a solo act. I have to stand in front of a live audience, while everything is being broadcasted live on youtube. Next thing I knew, I was selected for another act with my ensemble. It was scary at first, but now I’m pumped to do it!

What will you be doing for your solo act?
I will be doing what I do best, playing live drums and samples to create a remix live. But I also want to make it super entertaining, so I decided to combine some live sampling & humour into the act.

If you want to get a sneak peak of what to expect, check this out: