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Music Production Technology and Innovation

Music Production, Technology and Innovation Graduate Students Take Startup to Silicon Valley

This summer, students in the Music Production, Technology and Innovation Master’s program at Berklee’s campus in Valencia graduated with a bright entrepreneurial vision in audiovisual technology — ready to make their idea a reality. But what they needed to do it was industry mentoring and networks. Matthew McIntyre, David Abrams, John Snelgrove, and Tejaswi Gorti formed startup company Between The Dimensions, an audio-visual production house creating installations that translate new scientific insight into artistic expressions that are intriguing and interactive. With support from their Berklee Valencia faculty, they joined Real Startup’s inaugural cohort of startups. The team spent the month of September 2017 immersed in Silicon Valley’s hotbed of music technology innovation, developing their products and business models with the mentorship of industry experts at leading companies such as Sennheiser, Warner Music Group, Universal Audio, iZotope and Dolby, among others.

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PROEM by Erik Hasan Gomez

By contemplating science
as an autobiographical inward journey
that satisfies our cognitive needs and intellectual desires
we are able to understand
it is us who named the stars

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Discovering Autobiographical Digital Storytelling: My Educational Journey from Princeton Theological Seminary to Berklee Valencia

Jeffrey Cobbold

Photo source: Festival 10 Sentidos

Before entering the Berklee College of Music Valencia campus in Fall 2015 and studying in their Music Production, Technology and Innovation program, I was a seminary student at Princeton Theological Seminary. 

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Interview with Nitish Kulkarni and Enrique Ponce, Performers at Innovation: En Vivo! Spring 2016

Interview with Nitish Kulkarni

Nitish, how would you describe your music?
I create instrumental music that is a blend of acoustic and electronic sounds. I use instruments from around the globe and blend them together in a contemporary setting. The result is a dynamic style of music that is highly accessible and leaves the interpretation open to the listener’s imagination. There are no words in my music. I use human voices from time to time, usually to create a specific effects, but only as another instrument.

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Mayur Jumani on Performing at Innovation ¡En Vivo! on December 11 at Berklee’s campus in Valencia

What made you become a musician?
I was always into playing keys, but I never considered music as more than just a hobby. After graduating as a Computer Engineer & working for 2 years, I realized that it was not the life for me. I started learning basic Electronic Music Production and started playing around with MIDI controllers and sampling techniques. Every time I created something good, I would get a crazy euphoric feeling which forced me to take this up full time.

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